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in New York State Schools

Datability is the preferred software for data collection and analysis of over 500 special education teachers and learning centers.

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Rosters, goals and student data in one place
Data collection reminder through updates and notifications
Full color reports with images, detailed notes and student performance insights
Suggestions and reviews for progress report grades based on student data
Datability is password protected, making the platform secure and confidential

Datability provides teachers and parents an automated platform to track the progress of their special needs student. By using our automated data collection and analysis platform, teachers are able to spend less time comparing data and more time focused on the progress of their students.

The data is backed up to the cloud daily to ensure it’s safe and progress can be monitored on demand. Teachers no longer spend up to 45 minutes per day to manually collect data as Datability reduces that time to less than 15 minutes. Our platform constantly updates data and builds reports giving teachers the freedom to focus on what matters most: educating their students and preparing them for further studies.

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