Easy Data Collection for IEP in Special Education

Improve data collection for IEP in special education and learning disabilities. Datability helps educators keep track of each student's goals, behaviors, and academic performance.

Every student is unique. But the demands of the education system mean there's never enough time to give each student the individualized attention and support they need.

Datability cuts your reporting work in half, giving you time to focus on your students.

Datability is an automated data tool that provides academic support to special needs students. By making data collection and analysis easy, teachers are able to focus less on admin and more on uplifting and educating their students.
Parents are kept up to date with the progress of their child’s IEP from one centralized cloud platform. Data is backed up daily, allowing teachers to monitor student progress automatically.

Simplified IEP data & student progress tracking with our user-friendly web app

Stay Organized

Compile all student IEP data in one space and easily input new info on a daily basis.

Take Control

Seamlessly filter through student data.
Evaluate and analyze insights about every student under your wing.

Save Time

Report on IEP in special education efficiently. Deliver personalized student assessments that include graphs and detailed notes to parents and colleagues.

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