Collated education data for special needs learners in one place.

Get insight into your students’ growth by using a data-driven approach.

We understand the academic support special needs students require. Our mission is to collect and analyze data that will assist you in staying on track with the development progress of each student.

A data collection and analysis tool
that reshapes the way teachers organize student data

One centralized platform

Datability keeps parents constantly up to date with their children's IEP and helps teachers and service providers continually monitor student progress. All student data is automatically saved to the cloud, which is backed up every day for protection.

From complex to convenient

Decrease the time you spend analyzing data by up to 65%. Our standardized and automated data collection makes viewing IEP student history the easiest part, allowing you to focus on your students’ education.

Increased flexibility

Meet data analysis education requirements in record time. We supply teachers with consistent data collection, analysis updates and notifications.

Data driven education

Using the insights and reporting tools from Datability, special educators and service providers can improve the way lessons are specially designed for each learner.

Manage compliance in line with IDEA principles

Every day, Datability will ensure that preparation and development data is updated to comply with the legal obligation to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

"Datability has provided my staff with a digital mechanism to collect data on student performance. The focus of data driven instruction has improved due to the implementation of consistent data collection through the app."

Debi Kienke

Executive Director of Special Education Oceanside UFSD