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Michael Radicone MSEd
[email protected]


Many people are trying to find a living in this, but it turns out only in some. These are mainly people who know the matches-322 (you do not need to explain this, I am sure) and this happens not only in DotA, but also in other industries. However, I am sure that there is an honest way to get through in this matter, personally, my experience is very sad, I started from 1000 rubles on , rose to 7000, decided to bet on a small factor and lost … But I continue to play, because I am reckless since birth. If you play on the bets, it is only for small amounts in general that it is not a pity to lose. Personally, I operate with old experience and put 100 rubles for a match and drown for the team to the full, I rarely do and with varying success. Then judge for yourself.